Chumma Oru Trip

chumma oru trip

Anchuruli Tunnel

Hi all friends, I would like to express my joy & experience which I had during the trip to Anchuruli in Royal Enfied. Request all, kindly excuse my language.

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I am from Cochin (Ernakulam) Nayarambalam. The above trip is purely unplanned, so my timings varies. I started my trip by 12.30 PM from Nayarambalam and reached  Anchuruli Tunnel by 05.00 PM.

I opted for the route which is purely a normal forest route, hill area with very steep roads & very steep downward roads where you can ride your bike only on 1st gear or 2nd gear. Avoided NH & SH.

While climbing the steep roads, my bullet used to climb at First gear only most of the places.

Most of the route which I travelled between Muvattupuzha and Idukki, My bullet was running on 1st, 2nd & 3rd gear only.

Route which I opted was Ernakulam Nayarambalam – Angamali – Muvattupuzha – Pothanicad – Paingattoor – Mundanmudy – Venmany – Kattadikavu – Idukki – Kattapana – Anchuruli.

While returning, I opted the route Anchuruli – Kattapana – Idukki – Thodupuzha – Muvattupuzha – Angamali – Nayarambalam Eranakulam.

Drive was very beautiful and enjoyable once you cross the Paingattoor. From there you will be riding inside the forest roads where the seanory and hill views which are really pleasant and beautiful which makes your mind happy till Kattadikavu. From there you can start enjoying the sceanic views of Idukki where the climate will be become cold starting from the evening 4 PM. You can feel and enjoy if you are riding the bike without riding jackets.

Anchurli tunnel is really a beautiful scene, where you will enjoy. Along with couple of friends who was present there, we were able to walk inside the tunnel almost 100 mtrs, we stopped after that as the time was almost 6 pm and walking ahead is not recommended.

Water inside the tunnel was almost 1 feet high, but it was very slippery and standing inside the water was difficult due the force of water will make you fall down. Due to this we walking on the sides of water with some adjustments.

Started my return  journey around 7.30 pm from Anchuruli. Returning bike ride was very good with chilled weather. I was slightly disturbed after seeing the display kept throughout the hill road “Beware of wild animals” till Elappally.

The mountain was really dark in night, where you cannot see a light lamps on the side of the roads. You can see only a few or couple of shops only on the junction which comes through the journey.

Even after all, I really enjoyed the experience which I came through the return journey.

Total journey was approx. to 400 kms.

Hope all enjoyed the above ride, requesting all kindly excuse my language.

With Regards

Vishnu Vardhanan